Francisca Hagen. Photography: Sedi Zarringam. 2015.

Searching for and finding a dream job

An interview by Surender Kisoentewari with Francisca Hagen

Born in Amersfoort and raised in and around the city, Francisca Hagen is, as per usual, totally dressed in sober black. Francisca is connected to the cooperative ‘Coöperatief Eigenwijzer‘ (CE) as communications officer. To me, she appears as a strong woman who knows what she wants, and especially what she can’t or won’t do.

Francisca Hagen. Photography: Sedi Zarringam. 2015.

Studying in Amersfoort, Zwolle and The Hague

After finishing her studies on MBO level 3 ‘Tourism’ and MBO level 4 ‘Multimedia’ in Amersfoort, Francisca followed a Journalism course for almost a year in Zwolle. It was love that made her move to The Hague. When the flame of love extinguished however, the love for the city blossomed and she decided to continue living in the city. It is here that she managed to obtain her propaedeutic diploma for the study ‘Communication and Multimedia Design’ at The Hague University.

Neo Japonism in The Hague

Francisca Hagen loves photography, as well writing (e.g. developing communication plans), making reports of events and interviewing people. Her passion, however, is organising and presenting events- especially ones related to Japan. In a total of three years, she has successfully organised and presented dozens of events. Examples and Information on them can be found on her website and social media (AVO Events & Promotion). Furthermore, Fransisca is very interested in many aspects of Japanese culture. This includes its anime, though she also follows the development of the Japanese popular music scene like a hawk. Fransisca clearly is, not unlike Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh was, in love with the country and hopes to visit it one day. While van Gogh’s journey ended in Arles, where he fancied himself in the land of the rising sun, she of course hopes to go far beyond the French city to reach her dream.

Francisca Hagen. Photography: Sedi Zarringam. 2015.

Communication and social media

After deciding to quit the study at The Hague University (2013), Francisca Hagen worked contract based for a while. Unfortunately, she sadly ended up on unemployment benefits in the end. Finding a new job proved difficult, but Francisca worked hard to overcome the problems she was faced with. Her perseverance lead to two possible jobs, one of which was work experience at CE- which she chose to pursue. The opportunity offered her a chance to actually put her studies into practice. At the end of December 2015, Francisca had been working at CE for one and a half years as communications officer, and still is currently. Her responsibilities include developing communication plans for the company as well as being co-responsible for all content published on the websites and social media of CE and Paviljoen Kobus. In addition to Francisca’s expertise in this particular field, she’s able to work both independently and in a team with ease, is great at presenting and a very talented promoter of events, concerts and conventions.

The next step

Though Francisca Hagen has a contract running for another 6 months at CE, it is safe to say she has already completed the apprenticeship successfully. In short, she is ready to take the next step in the field of communication, multimedia and event organizing. However, Francisca also shows passion for new exciting fields, e.g. travel, and is willing to share travel experiences with interested parties through AVO Forum (2003) and AVO Blog (2012) on behalf of a tour operator or other organizations. Either way, Francisca’s professionalism and expertise in the field of information and communication will surely complete your business or organization.

References, if desired, may be requested from Ms. Sandra van de Waart (Director CE).

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