Nishicon 2013 - Photography: Francisca Hagen

Nishicon 2013

In the weekend of November 15 and 16 I have visited the convention Nishicon. I made a few cosplay pictures for the interviews reporter Joyce made for AVO blog. Also a few pictures have been used for a report about this convention on AVO blog. (Dutch). Also there are a few videos made during the convention, made by me and Sjooisu-san and edited by me.

The cosplayers:

Amaris Chinese princess doll inspired cosplay (Amaris Cosplay).
River Roest as Parasect from Pokémon.
Robin Klaasen as Tresh from League of Legends.
Frank Versteeg as Saber from Saber Prototype.
Joyce as Okami (wolf) from the game Okami.
Fleur Wouterse in her Spinarak kigurumi and her boyfriend in a Jigglypuff kigurumi (made by Fleur Wouterse) both from Pokémon.

The photos have been used for two interviews, you can fine them here:
Interview 1 @ AVO blog
Interview 2 @ AVO blog

If you like what you see, please share the link. If you are one of the person in cosplay and want to have the picture, please e-mail me.
November 15 & 16
Nishicon, Dekker Zoetermeer, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Tools: Canon EOS 450D, Tamron 18-200 mm